Aluminium extrusion Profils Stacker/Destacker animation showing a profile layer taking out of the profile basket into a profile carriage.


The function of this device is, to take one or more layers of profiles out a profile basket or packing station and to put it/them into a profile carriage or any other position in full automatic mode.


The layer of profiles are positioned in baskets on comb supports so that the profile layers with their spacers are not resting on each other but independently on the comb structure of the profile basket.

With this comb supports the Stacker needs to take the profile layer(s) spacers, lift them up a bit and slide them out of the comb support area, then the Profile Stacker can lift the layer(s) completely up and moved it/them towards the destination position. Is this destination position another profile basket or carriage wiht comb supports, then the Stacker needs to make the same movements like before on the contrary.

Tecnocarpent can also supply these baskets or carriages with comb supports on request of the customer.