Die press rest shear to take away the aluminium billet but from the dies.

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This shear device is for the removal of the aluminium from the die, that is normally present on the dies, as a residual of the aluminium extrusion billet. This operation is made mechanically with a cutter moved by a hydraulic cylinder.

The die is inserted in a holding circular seat inside the machine. By means of different adaptor rings, different die diameters can be treated.

The die side to be sheared must be put downwards. The operator shears the billet bottom from the die by actuating the hydraulic driven cutter. The billet bottom falls down in a dedicated collecting container that can easily been taken away by a forklift to empty once the container is full.


Die seat with different adapters, to allow different die diameters to can shear the aluminium press rest from. Taken away this aluminium press rest, aluminium can be saved as well as the caustic soda solution, used for the Die Cleaning Systems, will last longer.

The shear knife is fix mounted on the machine frame. The die seat slides by means of a hydraulic cylinder over the shear knife with a force of 150 ton.

The circular knife can easily be turned several times to can use the knife as long as possible before it needs to be replaced.