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Our company prides itself on years of experience in this field and today it�s able to propose fit solutions for any customers� requirements.

We make traditional furnaces with a fixed or balancing basin, and furnaces with dried sole that are a feather in Tecnocarpent�s cap. A particular care, during design, allows to propose systems with a very good level of thermal output. Among our solutions we praise:

  • Use of systems with burners that work with oxygen and gas.
  • Systems of forced internal hot gas circulation made by high temperature fans.
  • Moving systems of liquid basin with electromagnetic �stirrer� As regards energy conservation and environmental protection we propose:
  • Integrated systems for loading scrap, that creating an hermetic system, don�t allow fume and hot gas leaks.
  • Scraps preheating systems on furnace boarder. With this solution it isn�t necessary a pre-treatment of contamined scraps.
  • Post-combustion systems made by forced internal hot gas circulation in order to obtain a lowest emission of pollution to the chimney.

In order to have high efficiency we propose: The self-moved machine for dried sole cleaning and remote controlled bath skimming