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Homogenization furnace:

The main stronger points of our homogenization furnace are: centrifugal fans, for the recycle of the processing air that, thanks to their high capacity, allow not to do the reversal rotation, unlike into a traditional furnace; the heating system is fulfilled with six auto-recover burners, that consent a perfect distribution of temperature and an important saving of combustible; the control process is fulfilled with the last generation PLC S7 Siemens. In this way the use of the furnace results simple, flexible and safe. A particular automatic function is implemented into the management software, in order to optimize the cycle time and the global management cost.

Cooling chanber:

The cooling chamber consents a very fast temperature decreases of the billets charge.This is possible thanks to use axial fans with an high air pressure, placed on the top of the carrying structure.

Charger shuttle for aluminium billets:

PThe billets charges are composed by stratified piles. The movement of them, is carried out by an automatic cart. That system consents a correct charge of the furnace and the cooling chamber and the respect of the loading cycle and the discharging after the thermic treatment.

Automatic stacker and destacker system:

This machine consents to prepare automatically the charges of the billets, then the charger machine puts them into the furnace for the treatment. After that, they are stacked down and disposed into the evacuation zone for the following stages of marking and automatic metal strap.