The EV-2 with automatic Die load tilting table for Die diameters from 300 up to 650 mm.

Video demonstration of the complete EV-1 Die splitting cycle.

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On several occasions, we can notice that the operation of opening the dies is a delicate and laborious step in the production process. Extruders and especially the die correction shop usually need to perform the operation by hand in order to break the mechanic resistance that holds the die and the mandrel together.

We are pleased to present a modern and reliable machine which can solve the direct risks and inconveniences connected with this operation. The weight, the coupling of the dies and the strong forces acting on it makes the opening operation exacting and often dangerous. Most of the workers normally make use of a wedge and a hammer, a pneumatic tool or other manual systems to force the coupling.

During this operation, since the materials are very hard, injuries can be caused by the detachment of chips. Moreover, unsafely, due to scarce ergonomic features in this technique, makes this operation arduous and expensive. Deriving from sudden actions and uncontrolled forces, these mechanic systems not only can damage irreparable the external surface of the die but also the mandrel and its internal parts.

The operation of the machine:

A new machine was developed in order to prevent what is mentioned above. It has been built with an oil-hydraulic system which moves three knife disks with a specific profile in a synchronous way, so that they operate directly along the coupling line. When the knife disks are in the right position, the cylinders are pushing the separation knives towards the die package. This system allows a constant rotation of every part since the disks are equipped each with a motor. Both the combined action of the two forces (pressure and rotation) and the wedge profile of the disks ensure a uniform splitting of the coupling, therefore a correct die package opening.

In order to allow specific workloads for the die splitting and opening operation, we projected machines with different levels of automation. The equipment reliability features are the same. The machine working system has the same characteristics both for technology and operation.

The available Die splitter ranges:

For Die diameters: 180 up to 450 mm For Die diameters: 300 up to 650 mm For Die diameters: 600 up to 1100 mm For Die diameters: 900 up to 1500 mm

N.B. For other die dimensions or necessities, please consult our technical department.
The EV-1 with automatic Die load tilting table for Die diameters from 180 up to 450 mm.

EV-3 animation for large Dies up to 1100 mm with the smallest Die diameter 650 mm.

EV-3 animation for large Dies up to 1100 mm with the largest Die diameter 1100 mm.