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The function of this device is, to rotate the die ring from the vertical loading position to the horizontal position: in this position it is possible to effect the expulsion phase of the die from the die ring. The ring outside gap that normally fits in the extrusion press tool loader, will fit in the same way in the rotation/expulsion seat of this device so that the ring remains fixed in his position and the die by means of a hydraulic cylinder will be expulsed out of the ring.


This device is composed of a fixed frame and a tilting structure on which the ring will be rotated for 90�. On the fixed part of this device are installed the supports for the rotation section and the hydraulic equipment including the rotation hub. The tilting structure can rotate from 0 � to 90 �. This movement is obtained by means of a hydraulic actuator directly connected to the rotation beam. These movements are applied with dedicated ramps through flow control at the beginning and the end of the stroke. This to avoid moments of inertia. The oscillating structure, orientated with the axes of the expulsion cylinder parallel to the floor, gives the ring the possibility to lodge into the appropriate seat. From this position it will rotate for 90� by means of the hydraulic actuator. From this position it will be possible to expulse the die from the ring by use of the main hydraulic cylinder. After the die has been taken away by the hoist, it will be possible to orient the ring seat in the load/unload position.

Combined die press out- press in device:

Tecnocarpent has developed a die press out press in device. This device pushes the die package out of the ring and once the new die package is ready the same device can press the new die package into the die ring. The craddle on which the die package will be put on will automatically find his center position regarding the actual die package diameter recognized by laser. The oposite cylinder now pushes the die package into the die ring.

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