Die Preheat Furnace, prepared for the use of inert gas with three independent an accessible oven chambers..

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Extrusion dies have to be pre-heated before they are to load into the extrusion press. If dies are not heated to the correct temperature there is the risk of premature die failure, incorrect metal flow and sticking billets. Most extrusion plants set the die oven at a fixed temperature in the range 450 � 500 �C and rely on time to control the temperature.

The reasons for pre-heating the dies are well known throughout the extrusion industry:
  • To reduce the risk of premature die failure.
  • To reduce the amount of scrap produced at the start of a production run attributed to uneven metal flow.
  • To avoid the cost of the lost production associated with sticking billets.

Back side of the Die Preheat Furnace with the hot air recycling fans. .

Over the last ten years we have obtained some developments in die-heating technology including the introduction of single cell ovens and nitrogen atmosphere. However, the majority still depend on the basic air circulating chest furnace.

Extruders are quite correctly placing more and more demands on the quality of the dies produced by their die suppliers but many of the benefits of a modern die can be negated by poor control of the die heating process.

The aim is to put the die into the press as close to the billet temperature as possible and with the minimum of temperature variation within the die.

Die Preheat Furnace single chamber internal view. .

Our furnaces are divided in independent chambers. The heating is realized by electric resistances and the inner ventilation by a centrifugal fan placed in the heating chamber.

Charging and discharging of the dies is possible by means of a cover for each chamber and moved by a pneumatic system. Heat insulation is made by the use of Rockwool and refractory steel inside the oven. The preheating treatment control is carried out by thermo regulator and PLC.

By request it is possible to configure the furnace to meet customers requirements regarding the size of the dies and the number of the heating chambers.

Some examples of other Die Preheat Furnace configurations and loading solutions.

Die Preheat Furnaces with pneumatic front loading drawer system..

Die Preheat Furnaces placed one over the other with Die load/unload manipulator.