Die correction station for Die diameters from 300 up to 700 mm.


The air/hydraulic version of the Die correction station

No electrical supply is necessary to lift the support. With a compressed air connection the air/hydraulic pump will do adjust the height of the support

Die correction station in the upper position. Maximum stroke is 400 mm, same for the electrical version.

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The proposed solution allows freely handling of the small and large dies during the manual correction phase. The operator, after the installation of the die on the correction station, can modify it�s position with the selector and manual controls.

The allowed operations are:
  • Adjustment in height of the die (through oil-cylinder).
  • Axial rotation of the die (manually).
  • Rotation of the table which holds the die (manually).

The operations for the die charging are:
(with the customer lifting system for die movements)
  • Die charging on the correct position of the support, holding the eyebolt in.
  • Adjustment of the supporting roller, in order to compensate the diameter through manual hand wheel.
  • Adjustment of the contrast roller, in order to compensate the different die thicknesses, through manual hand-wheel.
  • After execution of these operations, the die can be unlocked from the lifting system and the eyebolt can be removed.
  • At this point it�s possible to make the die corrections, compensating the height and the adjustments for the orientation of the die in order to obtain a safe and exact positioning.


This Die correction support for aluminium extrusion Dies allows free movements of the little and larger Dies (up to �450 mm.) during the correction works. The operator, once the vice is fixed well at a workbench, can easily position the Die by means of a hoist on the Die support.

Before the hoist can be uncoupled from the Die, the seat of the vice needs to be adapted to the Die dimensions. Once adjusted to the measures of the Die, the hoist can be taken away. Now it is possible to rotate effortless the Die axially and radially during the correction procedures and if necessary it can be inclined up to � 20 �.

The allowed movements are:
  • Axial rotation on 360 � (by turning the Die manually), before to turn the Die by hand, the clamming jaws need to be slightly released by the lever and only with the Die support in the horizontal position. Once the Die is in the desired position, the clamming jaws need to be fixed again by the lever.
  • Turning of the Die support on 360 � release the locking wheel and move the support in the desired position. Then fasten again the locking wheel.
  • Inclination up to � 20 � by means of the adjusting wheel it is possible, after releasing the locking wheel slightly, to incline the Die support up to � 20 �, then fasten locking wheel again.