Die assembling press for die diameters from 150 up to 700 mm. Max. height 600 mm..

Die assembling press for die diameters from 150 up to 500 mm. Max. height 400 mm..

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This device is developed to prepare the die package by assembling the die and mandrel by pressing them together.

The Die assembling press consist of a vertical press unit and a roller loading/unloading table, motorized in both directions. The first part of the roller table is tiltable and inclined in the vertical position with an angle of 20 �. This to avoid that the die can fall out of his seat.

Cycle description:
The operator puts with a hoist the mandrel vertical on the tiltable roller table. Then gives the command to tilt the roller table from vertical to the horizontal position.

Once the roller table is in line with the fixed roller table, the operator translate the mandrel towards the press unit by means of the motorized roller table. The tiltable roller table comes back to his vertical position, ready to receive the die to be connected to the mandrel. The operator gives again the command to lift up the tiltable roller table and the die will be also in horizontal position.

With the use of the hoist the operator puts the die on the first loaded mandrel. The die package can be moved by the motorized roller table towards the press unit till it is right under the press.

The compact press cycle can be started. The roller table section under the press is linked to the press itself and will move downwards during the press phase guided by four fixed columns on each angle. Between the rollers of this roller section there are steel plates fixed to the basement of the device. The die package will rest on these plates, to avoid that the press will crush the rollers.

The press will compact both parts on each other. The press cylinder withdraws and takes at the end of his stroke with him the roller table section and consequently the roller table section the pressed die package.

Now the pressed die package can be moved towards the tiltable roller table which will bring the die package in vertical position and ready to be taken away by the operator by the use of the hoist. The entire device is covered by an aluminium protection cabin with Plexiglass and cover panels. In addition with the safety light curtain we can guarantee a complete safe working environment to the operator during the activities.

Die assembling press for die diameters from 150 up to 450 mm. Max. height 250 mm..

The latest Die assembling press, to assemble the dies easily in vertical position and by means of the rollers, it is facile to turn the front die in the right position before to press them together. For die diameters from 150 up to 500 mm. Max. height 250 mm..

Top view.

The roller supports where the different die diameters can be put on.

Before the loading the roller support lifts up to make the loading and positioning of the dies comfortablier.

Top view.

Once the dies are in their right position, the operator gives the command for press position and the roller support together with the die package will find automatically the centre of the press disk by means of an automatic die diameter recognizer.

Finally the command to press them together can be given