Scarica scheda tecnica

Charge and skimming machine

This machine has been studied for the loading of the material into the melting furnace, specially for heavy materials, such as ingots and T-Bars, by a special charger; and the removal of drosses from the aluminium bath. This machine can do the following operations:

  • Translation on the longitudinal axle of the furnace and positioning in front of the desired door.
  • Translation towards the furnace in order to allow the charger to enter into the furnace.
  • Rotation of the charger to give the operator the possibility to load the T-Bars on the dedicated loader surface.
  • Advancing of the charger and pusher to move the material into the furnace.
  • Control of the drosses removal shovel arm.
Extension of the arm into the furnace, variation of its angle inclination compared with the horizontal line and the translation of the rotation pivot of the arm, along the longitudinal furnace axle . The synchrony of these movements allows an effective removal of the dross from all the surface of the bath and the dry sole respecting the geometric constraints of the furnace structure.