The function of this device is, to rotate the billets just coming out the horizontal casting machine and to position them on the buffer loading ramp of the homogenisation furnace which is placed perpendicular to the casting machine.


The billet manipulator because of the narrow space available needs to open his forks to can enter under the billets waiting at the exit of the casting machine to be taken away. The forks will close and the manipulator lift the billet batch up to a certain level.

Then it moves away from the wall towards the homogenisation furnace to can turn the billets for 90 degrees.

The billet manipulator proceeds until it is right over the buffer loading ramp. It comes down putting the billet batch on the loading ramp. The forks will open and the billet manipulator lifts up and comes back to his start position near the casting machine ready to take the next billet batch.

This whole process is working in full automatic mode without that anyone needs to interfere to start or stop the cycle.

Sensors on the casting machine exit will tell the manipulator that the number of billets is compleet and ready to be taken away and sensors on the buffer loading ramp will give green light to the manipulator if there is space enough to put the billets on.