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The proposed system has been studied for the thermal ageing treatment of the aluminium extrusion profiles. Our ageing furnaces are all made for indirect heating by means of gas burners connected to radiant tubes or heat exchanger units with tube bundles.

The internal air circulation for the thermal exchanging, is forced by means of centrifugal ventilators to increase the efficiency of the thermal exchanging in the good insulated chamber, where the aluminium extrusion profiles in dedicated baskets are placed in. The forced air can be moved in longitudinal or in transversal direction through the oven chamber.

The skips are moved by chain conveyors with one entire chain length for each field and each with its own transmission motor or if desired with roller conveyors. The oven can be made of tunnel type, that means with one entry and one exit door, or as batch type, which has only one door for entering and exit of the profile baskets. The baskets in the width can be divided in two or three tracks. The length of the oven can be as long the customer desires, to have the possibility of more baskets and also different profile lengths in one load.

Temperature control:

The temperature in the oven is controlled by means of a PID system. This system has the advantage to regulate the burners in a proportional way. The intensity of the burner is regulated and controlled in function of the temperature measured in that moment inside the oven. The rising temperature ramp in the furnace is therefore increasing gradually. With this system, different from �on-off controls�, it is evidently energy saving and more precisely.

Radiant tubes:

The radiant tubes are made of stainless steel AISI 304. The diameter of the radiant tube decreases going further away from the burner, obtaining in this way a higher efficiency. With our ageing ovens a temperature accuracy on the profiles of � 3 �C can be obtained.