Tecnocarpent s.r.l.
Via Artigianale, 123
25010 Montirone (BS)
Tel: +39 030 2677555

You can find us at the Metef Exhibition.

The exhibition will be held on 18-21 April 2012 at the Veronafiere trade fair complex.

We will be pleased to welcome you at our booth (Hall 2, Stand A45)

Tecnocarpent latest aluminium foundry supply is called the world's modernest and most efficient aluminium foundry at this moment. The supply consist of a 50 ton casting - and a 50 ton melting furnace. The melting furnace has a dry hearth section to melt the T bars and ingots. The molten aluminium runs into the furnace bath.
The aluminium scrap that contains as well entire extrusion profile scrap goes into a dedicated scrap container of 9 m lenght and a capacity of approx. 19 cubic meter. Once the container is full, it will be picked up by the loading crane. The full automatic loading crane lifts the container up and brings it on top of the melting furnace where there is the loading duct.
The container will be deposited on the loading duct. Now the horizontal oven loading door that is hooked into the container floor, will open, sliding with him also the cantainer floor. The scrap will fall down through the loading duct into the melting furnace. After the container is empty, the horizontal oven door will close and brings with him again the container floor.
The great advantage of this system is that it will not loose any heat during the loading as it does by the loading of the scrap throught the vertical front door, obtaining a significant energy saving and a clean and save working environment. As you can see on the pictures, this is maybe also one of the cleaniest foundry where else.