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Our philosophy

Twenty years of know-how characterise Tecnocarpent. This is the warranty of its technology and reliability.

Fundamental elements of the company, continually growing, are the human resources valorisation and the constant technology update.

A direct co-operation with customers is the base of our success in reading specifics goals. Full customer satisfaction is the guarantee of our products results.

In Tecnocarpent the customers find a qualified professional partner.



Tecnocarpent s.r.l. works as qualified manufacturer of industrial plants principally in the aluminium foundry and extrusion sector, as well as special facilities in other sectors and studied upon request from the customer.

Our company is characterized of a consolidated know-how obtained during the last 20 years to guarantee a high level of reliability and long life products.

Tecnocarpent, since the very beginning, giving thorough attention to the necessities of the customer, is a dynamic company constantly looking for technical improvement regarding the production of functional plants in line with the modern production requirements.

Tecnocarpent is able to support the customer and to confront innovated choices, to propose new systems, or to recuperate existing plants by means of partial or complete modernisation of the existing machines (revamping).

Aluminium extrusion sector

Our production is orientated towards the development of the following plants and machines:

  • Aluminium ageing ovens arranged for baskets, batch or tunnel type, with motorized rollers or chains, with gas or electrical heating; or modern systems to age bulk profiles either without baskets.
  • Automatic or manual systems for the cleaning of aluminium dies by means of caustic soda basins.
  • Die pre-heat furnaces in controlled inert gas environment, heated electrically or by natural gas.
  • Systems for the separation of the die package �Die splitter�.
  • Hydraulic presses for the assembling and locking of the large dies.
  • Hydraulic press rest shears to eliminate the aluminium press rest from the extrusion die.
  • Equipment for the holding and positioning of large and small dies during the die correction. Very useful for large dies during the die correction operations.

Aluminium foundry sector

In the foundry sector for the production of aluminium billets the know-how that we have obtained gives us the possibility to study and to realize projects and complete �turn key� supplies.

Starting from the engineering of the layout of the fabric, in according to the specific requirements of the customer, we can develop the whole production line and supply the machines necessary linked to the production process.

In addition we will follow the customer in the after-sales phases with an efficient maintenance service and customer assistance.

We point out that between the plants we have produced, some melting ovens are equipped with avant-garde technology to guarantee elevated production, low energy cost and respecting the rigid environment pollution requirements.

Some significant enhancements of construction on our ovens are:

  • Melting oven with dry heart, able to melt the metal indirectly, by heat reverberation, limiting the losses of the flames and eliminating the danger of explosions caused of eventual presence of water inside the scrap.
  • Automatic system for the loading of scrap, on the upper side and integrated on the oven. This particle system allows the automatic loading of scrap, limiting the opening of the front door only for the skimming phase or the load of primary aluminium. The operator is not exposed with risks cause of the traditional manoeuvre of scrap loading.
  • Burners, functioning with a mix of oxygen / natural gas together with the recycling of the exhaust fumes inside the oven. This technology allows the limitation of metal losses to the flame; in fact the temperature, usually too high by the oxygen combustion flame, will be reduced utilizing the hot fumes of the oven, recycled by special ventilators which will create an �warm wind� that will envelope the scrap and brings it to melt without that the flame comes in direct contact with the scrap.
  • Burners with pre-heated air from heat exchangers air/fumes. With our technology we obtain combustion air temperatures till 500 �C with consequent and evidential energy saving.
  • Post combustion of the fumes inside the oven. By means of the recycling of the combustion air with special ventilators it is possible to obtain a significant extraction of the pollution coming from painted scrap, or plastic that is on the aluminium scrap profiles, etc.
  • �STIRRER� electromagnetic pump to agitate the bath. This system, absolute maintenance free, makes it possible to improve significantly the speed of melting introducing scrap in the bath, in addition it permits to obtain the metal homogeneous without to open the door, avoiding to stir the bath with traditional mechanical equipment from outside the oven. Tecnocarpent was the first company in Italy to install the �STIRRER� on an oven with a bath capacity of 40 ton.

Other machines of our range of products for the foundry are:

  • Skimming machine.
  • Homogenising furnace for billets.
  • Cooling chamber to cool down the billets.
  • Loading Shuttle for billets.
  • Billet stacker.
  • Billet transport and stockage.
  • Scrap and press rest transport and stockage.