Our main field is the aluminum industry.

We build plants and machines for the aluminum extrusion companies and foundries for extrusion billets by remelted the aluminum scrap.

The second field is automotive, we build mechanical equipment and special machinery for assembly and welding operations.

Tecnocarpent make also equipment for third parties.


Aluminium foundry

In the field of foundry for the production of billets, the acquired know-how allows us to study and implement complete projects and supplies: "turnkey". Starting from the engineering of the factory layout, in accordance with the specific needs of the customer, we can develop the entire production chain and supply the necessary machines relating to the production processes. We also follow the customer in the post-sales phases with an efficient maintenance and customer assistance service.

Among the plants we produce there are some melting furnaces with innovative technologies designed to ensure high productivity, low consumption and respect for the environment.


other processing and special installation